At Annville Dental Group, we are committed to the highest standards of safety for both our patients and our team. We follow OSHA and ADA guidelines so you can rest assured you are entering a clean and safe dental office. We are taking several precautions in addition to our regular safety measures so you can feel comfortable about maintaining a healthy smile during this time.

Some of our safety measures include the following:

  • Hand Hygiene & Pre-Screening
    Hand hygiene is important for health and safety! Our staff thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water when entering and exiting treatment rooms. We ask that each patient washes their hands when entering our office as well. Our team members and patients are pre-screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering our office.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    Our team uses PPE (personal protective equipment) including protective clothing, protective shields, gloves and face masks. This protection helps prevent both staff and patients from exposure to any harmful agents.
  • Sterilization & Disinfection of Patient-Care Items & Devices
    In-between each visit, we thoroughly disinfect and sterilize all tools and equipment. All areas are cleaned and sanitized, using the best disinfectant available. So you can rest assured that your dental room is safe and ready for you.
  • Air Purification
    We use a UV sterilization procedure to clean the air in our office. This helps remove unwanted bacteria and viruses. The air that you breathe is important to your oral and overall health.
  • Regular Sanitization
    Common areas are regularly sanitized including waiting areas, door handles and restrooms. We use certified cleaning solutions for killing viruses.

Thank you for trusting us with your dental care. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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